Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'd have a third degree black belt...

If I could spray paint one.

Ok, confession time. My latest obsession? Black spray paint. It turns cheap ugly garage sale treasures,

into stuff I'd actually put in my house. Dan said it best, "If it's for sale at your garage sale, we'll spray paint it black and put it on our walls." And while my pointer finger may be in a permanent cramp, to me this stuff looks better black.

Cheap and easy. (When you're talking about home decor, those are positive adjectives.)

Now, should this $2.00 lamp cross over to the dark side? I just can't decide. I'm kind of digging the gold. But a black lamp is easier to pair with a shade. What's a girl to do?

All I know is I'm not asking Daniel. He'd stage a spray paint intervention.


  1. why not go wild and try a different shade... not a lamp shade, a color shade? Have you ever tried the "hammered" spray paint? It can do wonders!!! I have some that is a dark bronzy color and i love it!!!

  2. Emily- Thanks for the advice (and for feeding my habit) :). I've added your spray paint to my shopping list...just don't tell my husband! :)

    Angie- I love them so much I shop for everyone I know. I've become that crazy garage sale lady! :)