Monday, June 29, 2009

bride gone wild

While working on Jenny's wedding video, I couldn't help but get all nostalgic and reflect on our big day. Especially since our anniversary is just around the corner. *Hint, hint.* What I'm about to show you might cause you to reconsider visiting our little blog. Ever again. But we're all about keeping it real at the hinton home. And unfortunately, what you're about to see is all real. Very, very real.

I'd like to thank Debs for sponsoring today's post. Without her I'd have no one's Facebook profile to steal pictures off of. (I'm a little embarrassed about ending a sentence with a preposition. But I'm pretty sure the following pictures are about to put that shame to shame.)

Bride and Bridesmaid. Look how tan we were. I'm so jealous. I'll never be tan again.

And so it begins. In my defense, these were taken in the privacy of the bridal suite. I've been Queen of Dress Up all my life and everyone in the room was looking at me. Plus I'm a middle child. I had to ham it up. It's a sickness really.

Oh dear. Somebody stop me. Mom, you were there. Why didn't you stage an intervention??

No comment.

Have mercy. Making sure I'm all limbered up before that big walk down the aisle. Can't be too cautious. Or something like that.

Off to seal the deal with the groom before he catches wind of the bridal suite escapades and changes his mind.


  1. Too cute. Love your shoes:) I have meaning to ask you where you got the easel you used at Reese's birthday party (the one the collage was on). Did it belong to the church? Email me if you have a chance:

  2. Blakely- It does belong to the church. They use it at the coffee area on Sunday mornings. The rest of the time it sits in Bill's office. Hope that helps!