Tuesday, June 9, 2009

no pictures please

Saturday afternoon, after all that pool fun, the Chica was plum tuckered out. Why don't people say plum tuckered out more often? I love it. I'm going to start the trend. When it comes to the plum tuckered out saying, I'm going to be the change I hope to see, people.

Sorry. Point. Get to it.

After all that sliding, swimming, splashing and squealing, the plum tuckered outness really got to the Chica. I put her in her swing for a nap. While I was strapping her in, she snatched my sunglasses off the top of my head. Being plum tuckered out myself, I let her have them. I turned on her music and closed her bedroom door behind me. A little while later, I peeked in her room to see if she was asleep. She was.

She put on those sunglasses in the privacy of her own room as if to warn her picture taking possessed mama to back up off her already. Like I don't have anything better to do than to take pictures of her while she's sleeping? I think my poor little over-exposed child might be onto me. :)

In other news, what kind of self-professed, garage sale obsessed blogger would I be if I didn't share my weekend plunder with you??? Check out my new mirror! It is big and it is heavy. The Kirkland's price tag on the back said it retailed at $49.99. The sweet lady sold it to me for ten bucks.

So what do you think? All the better to see a burned out light on my chandelier? :) Emily gave me a hot lead on some spray paint she loves. I might have to try it out. But for now, I think I'll keep it like this.

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  1. That is for sure my favorite picture of her. Steve and I both laughed out loud. Hysterical. I LOVE it. Steve said she is trying to avoid the paparazzi.