Monday, October 13, 2008

is this normal?

Apparently she prefers standing up.

All the better to look at herself on the internet. :)

Tooth Watch 2008 Update:
According to one of our baby books, there are many symptoms that accompany a tooth. And Reese has had almost all of them.

Chin rash...check.
Irritability...double check.
Diarrhea...sorry to announce it to the world honey, check.
Low-grade fever...check.
Wakefulness...checkity check.
Refusal to eat...nada. Ain't nothin' that will get in her way of a good meal.
Ear pulling...check.

Out of the 11 symptoms, she has shown 10. So it's safe to say a tooth is imminent, right? Wrong!

After the list of symptoms, the book says, "Symptoms of teething, however, often precede the tooth itself by as much as two or three months."

Great. So when will her tooth be here?

"On average the first tooth arrives sometime during the seventh month, although it can rear its pearly white head as early as three months, as late as twelve, or in rare instances, even earlier or later."

So, if my math is correct a child could start teething somewhere between her first month of life and her 13 month birthday. Thanks a lot baby book. Not only have you told me what I could have guessed myself, you gave me a head ache and a tooth ache in the process.

Anybody got a Magic 8 ball I could use?

Revised Tooth Watch 2008 Update:
Outlook not so good.

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  1. That tooth will eventually come in! I promise! But, you knew that already huh?!

    Darling picture!