Sunday, October 26, 2008

the silence of the lamb

Hannibal Lecter's got nothing on our baby. The poor sheep never saw it coming. Little did he know when he posed for his regulatory monthly photo with the Reester, he would be demoted from sign holder to baby chew toy. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, let us watch the massacre unfold.

There he is. Holding the six months sign like the professional he is. Unassuming. Unaware.

Suddenly, in one swift move she swoops in for the kill. One hand latches on the jugular, while the other clenches his skull. He's as good as gone.

Don't let the bow fool you people. She means business. I haven't seen a set of jaws that frightening since...well, Jaws.

She's got body slamming skills and she's not afraid to use them.

*Since this photo session, the lamb has filled a complaint citing irreparable harm. His appearance in next month's picture is still up in the air.*

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