Saturday, October 11, 2008

picking pumpkins

Today we took the Reester to a pumpkin patch. And by pumpkin patch I mean the Mother-of-All pumpkin patches. There were shops and restaurants and pony rides. You could get your face painted, your picture taken and your pumpkin tattooed, if your little heart so desired.

I laid out the outfits last night in advance for our official Hinton Fall Kick-Off, that's how much I was looking forward to it. Not only did each family member's clothing need to be of the appropriate fall variety, but they also had to complement one another as I was bound and determined to get a family picture of us posed among the mums and hay. Reese wore a light pink onesie with flowers on the collar and brown corderoy pants. She was a doll baby. The bow in her hat was the perfect shade that accentuated her socks. (I realize I'm boring you with these details. But someday when we have multiple children I'm dragging out the door, on a prayer they're wearing any top and any sort of bottoms, I'll read this and scoff at how preoccupied I could afford to be with matching an only child's wardrobe.)

As we loaded up the car, the air was, well it was a bit warmer than I had hoped. But we were going to suck it up, because daggum we are Hintons and we were going to make some fabulous memories even if the day ends with heat strokes all around. Upon arrival, Dan didn't even have to ask where our first destination was. We descended upon that poor photographer like nobody's business. Hurridley I filled out the paperwork and gave her the money. No time to spare because my baby's cheeks weren't getting any less pink. I promised Baby Girl that I'd relieve her of her misery just as soon as the camera clicked.

Wouldn't you know, as we walked away from the photography area, we saw some friends. So I couldn't disrobe my child right then and there, because they've never seen her before and her fabulous outfit was just so fabulous. I had to show her off.

After we feasted on a lunch of corn dogs and root beer, we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. We looked around for awhile, selected two and headed back to the weighing station. Throughout the morning, we stripped articles of clothing off Reese's body. Her adorable pants had to go. The fall hat was replaced by the summer hat with a brim.

The experience wasn't exactly the cool, crisp adventure I'd imagined. We had to forgo the corn maze and hog race, because Dan and I couldn't handle the heat. We couldn't join Reese in stripping down because we had no change of clothes. And although the haunted part of the pumpkin patch didn't start until 10:00, that sight alone would have scared everyone away.

Oh, we did have fun. Even though Reese is wearing the same sort of outfit she did in July, I'll get over it. We were together, making memories. And I wouldn't want to sweat with anyone else.

Daddo and Tutz on the hayride. She can barley contain her excitement.

Only the best pumpkin will do now.

Aw, one just her size!

This is my personal favorite. I can't look at it without laughing out loud!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been quietly lurking...I hope you don't mind! :) I just had to say that your baby girl is an absolute DOLL. I love these pumpkin patch pictures with her wearing that darling hat, but what I love even more is your story of how you all were roasting in your winter clothes. :) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that your blog rocks!