Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tooth Watch 2008

Tooth Watch 2008 Update: We got nothing folks. Nada. Zilch. There is no tooth to be found in this baby's mouth. She had all the symptoms. Cranky, crying in pain, excess drooling, bad diapers, chewing on everything, waking up at night. The nursery workers were all in agreement.

So what's the deal? Mood swing? Growth spurt? Realization of her mama's incompetence? That alone could account for all the aforementioned symptoms.

In other news, remember when I announced someone else came to visit?

Here she is!

Jen was in town for a baby shower so stayed with us.

The Saturday morning she and Sarah were here, Dan made us all pancakes for breakfast. Isn't he the greatest? We think so.

Not only did he get up early to make us all breakfast, but in doing so, he honed some of his Daddy skillz.
(Have I mentioned his Daddy skillz before? He's got mad skillz.)

Check it out!

Granted, she has yet to learn you're supposed to eat what's on the plate, not the plate itself. But then again, if I don't work on this whole cooking thing, in a few years, she probably will prefer glass over some of the stuff I make. I digress.

Have you ever seen such a fabulous Mickey pancake? It's never too early to feed the Disney obsession people! (Pun intended.) The first time she watches Cinderella will be on camera. I dream of the day we take her to Disney World. Oh, I can see it all now. She'll wear her Cinderella dress and get Cinderella's autograph. Cinderella will wave at her during the parade. And we'll frame her picture with Cinderella and mount it on the wall in her room. *Sigh* It will be truly magical.

Do you think next time he can make a pancake in the shape of Cinderella?
*Off to ask him right now*

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  1. Tooth watch '08 IS a big deal and you just wait til you see that little sucker poke through! :)

    Girl...I was out of town til Saturday but my entire gang, and myself joining in on Sunday, was all up in those baseball fields!! Nope...not weird at all. I'm always grateful for the prayers!

    Big hugs,