Wednesday, October 1, 2008

tastes like chicken

Now I know what some of you are thinking.

"Hm. That baby has some of the widest fingers I've ever seen."

In which case I'd come over there and pummel you.

Ok, I probably wouldn't do that.

But if you went on to say something like, "My, what wide fingers she has," I'd reply with, "the better to give you a certain gesture my dear."

Ok, I probably wouldn't say that.

I might think it though.

But, now that you mention it, something isn't quite right about them.

Oh, but they are delicious. Mmmm.

Wait a second, this kid has three hands?!

Oh, thank goodness. It's alright bloggers. Deep breaths. It turns out that hand's attached to an ankle!
(If you ever mention the word cankle around my baby, I will hunt you down!)

Note to self: pay more attention to the feet during bath time from now on.

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