Monday, October 27, 2008

an isaac introduction

Isaac Brewster Harrington entered the world at 7:06 this morning. He was 21 and a half inches long and a whopping 8 pounds. For any of you who have ever seen my sister, you can share in my awe at her delivering an eight pound baby. I have no pictures to share (yet!) but will get some up ASAP. Word on the street is he has dark hair and can eat like a champion.

They were all set to induce this morning at 6:30. But around 4:00 Manda started having regular contractions. A few hours later, he was here. Mom, Dad, baby and big sis are all doing well.

We are thanking God for a safe delivery, healthy family and the joy of a new life. Every good and perfect thing is from Him and Him alone! He is so good! Woohoo and amen!

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