Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things

Over on Facebook, there's a chain letter type thing going around. You're supposed to write twenty-five random things about yourself and then send it to twenty-five friends. Neither Danny or I have a Facebook account, but so many people sent it to our youth profile we decided to join in on all the fun. Because, well, all the other kids are doing it. :0)

By writing 25 things that could be about either of us, it added a little mystery. A "Who Done It?" situation, if you will. (Actually, neither of us had twenty-five interesting things, so it was much easier coming up with half.)

Here's what we sent to twenty five people. But, before you read it, do you promise to still be our friend afterward? If you choose never to associate with us again, then I must tell you they're all about Daniel. :)

25 Random Things
Can you guess which fact belongs to whom?
One of us (Danny or Rachel)...
1. Loves Tupac.
2. Is developing a new radio station: K-HATE (Negative, discouraging, less music, K-HATE)
3. Had their two front teeth knocked out on the playground.
4. Had a crush on Alex Mac and Patty Mayonnaise.
5. Wore tennis shoes the day of their wedding.
6. Knows all the words to Homeland, Psalm 51, If Music Be the Food of Love, Ngana, Weep O Mine Eyes, Shepherd's Pipe Carol and The Eyes of All.
7. Refuses to play games against the other one due to their over-competitive spirit.
8. Once owned a pet chicken.
9. Left the country without informing their mother.
10. Doesn't eat beans.
11. Wet their pants on stage.
12. Barfed at Junior Assembly.
13. Dated the same person 8 times in one year.
14. Drinks warm pop.
15. Can't sleep with socks on.
16. Lost 40 pounds in 3 months.
17. Insists on sleeping with the TV on.
18. Does not check voice mail for months on end.
19. Has appeared in court twice.
20. Drives like a Grandma.
21. Is scared of The Goonies.
22. Said "Who's your Daddy?" in a chapel talk at an all girls private school.
23. Has had 6 cavities.
24. Convulses violently when swallowing pills.
25. Is a convicted felon.

Because we're not that interesting, we threw in one that is a little untrue, just to add a little flair to our lives and to keep our friends on their toes. That's just the kind of friends we are. Truth bending over sharers.

Anybody available for a lunch date?

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