Wednesday, February 11, 2009

baby un-proofed

I announced about a week ago that Reese started crawling. Danny sent me a text message last Monday night while I was at Bible study. "She just crawled."

It was a little painful to watch when she was first getting the hang of it. She'd grunt along as she ambled over a little ways and then sit up to take a break from all the work. Crawling isn't for sissies. Especially when you're having to haul around 90th percentile weight on your measly 50th percentile frame. It's not the ideal equation for speed.

But oh the difference a week makes. She's improved exponentially. For the past several days Danny and I have been working tirelessly because as it turns out, our home is a very unsafe place for babies on the move.

Pre-crawling days if there was, say, a machete on the floor, eh, just move it to the other side of the room, no biggie. That open container of bleach? Just keep it out of her reach.

No more my friends. No more. She is on the prowl, in hot pursuit of anything and everything she can get her hands on. She's a jungle cat, eyes riveted on that unsuspecting cup of Gatorade. And just when you turn your head, she capitalizes on your ignorance, pouncing on that glass before you can say Resolve carpet cleaner.

This past week, my most repeated phrase has been, "Where's the BABY?!?" It's unnerving to leave her in one place, only to return a few seconds later and she's vanished! On that high point of parenting skills, I'll leave you with this video. I've got to make a call to her school and pull her out of History of Houdini class right now!


  1. i can't imagine having to actually put the lids on my open bleach containers!! parenting isn't for everyone i guess! keep up the good work!

  2. You might as well have her fire up some Tetris on the PS2 while she's down there.

  3. between her wiggle as she crawls and her dancing in front of the mirror, I have no doubts she will be a dancer like her mom!