Monday, February 9, 2009

she huffed and she puffed, except without the huff

This past week was a pretty big deal in the life of Reese. She wore her first bow sans headband. She started crawling. (More to come on that later.) And, she was introduced to puffs. Recently Reese's friend Maddie was chowing down on some Cheerios. Maddie is a few months younger, however she has twice as many teeth as Reese does. I hesitated on introducing any type of small, crunchy food to my one-tooth wonder, so Maddie's mom advised to start Reese out with Puffs.

I immediately went to the store and bought a can of the quick dissolving crackers. Because what Reese lacks in the dental department, she makes up for in the saliva sector. Teeth she doesn't have. Drool, she does.

Lo and behold, Natalie was right. (She is so smart!) Baby Girl LOVES puffs.

A few notes about this video.

1. She feeds herself with her left hand. Interesting, no?
2. It's necessary to stick her entire fist in her mouth.
3. She doesn't appear to be fearful of chomping her own fingers. When I do mouth sweeps for foreign objects, I always say a little prayer before I go in. That one tooth is menacing.
4. She's in the puff zone until her mother starts laughing and shaking the camera.
5. The end is my favorite when she does a thorough scan of her tray, searching for a stray puff.

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  1. I found your blog on the Married to the Minstiry blogroll and Reece is super cute! I enjoy your blog! :)