Tuesday, February 10, 2009

she's the fairest of them all

I've decided this shall be a week in video. Only because there are some things Chica does where there are no words. Yesterday Baby Girl was a little high maintenance, and it was difficult to get anything done. There are two things I do when those unfortunate afternoons occur. I pray for the hands on the clock to travel at warp speed until Danny's arrival home and I entertain Reese with our bedroom mirror.

A couple of notes about this video:

1. I apologize for the shaky camera. We're calling in Steven Spielberg for our next shoot.
2. Apparently the other baby's name is DaBa which, coincidentally was number two on our baby name list.
3. At 34 seconds you get a little snippet of what I tried to describe here.
4. My favorite part is that (oh so brief!) silent moment when she's staring at herself.

You still do that to us too Baby Girl..leaving us spellbound and speechless at a mere glance of you.

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