Friday, February 20, 2009

almost midnight madness

Ok, so it's 11:18 at night. The baby's been passed out for hours, everyone is sound asleep, yet here I sit at the computer, busying myself with this. I found it on a blog I love to read.

Why do I do this to my tired self?

Because I got a 90% on the first try.

So how did you do? :)


  1. Thank you for introducing me to this game. I have spent a good 45 minutes playing it unitl I got 100%.

  2. Way to go! Steve and I TOGETHER made an 84 on the first try. It is kinda tricky though when you get Colorado and there are no other puzzle pieces on that side at all. You have to get pretty darn close to get the points. So I am very impressed with your 90!!!

  3. rach,
    just wondering if you got my voicemail? i called you about 2 weeks ago and I know danny said your phone is really messed up sometimes, but just wanted to catch up if you ever have a second!

    Keep praying...

  4. I got 80% right but i'm not going to lie, i used the shapes of the states to my advantage. I'm horrible at history/geography!