Wednesday, April 15, 2009

big boy

Do you see this sweet boy? He's one of the boy cousins and he's almost six months old.

Reesie is almost one (six months older, mind you). Check out this picture of them side by side. He's closing in on her by the day! You'd never know they were six months apart.

This picture was taken over Easter. We took three of the four cousins to a farmstead. It was kind of like an outdoor children's museum. And it was beautiful. We were there for a few hours and we only got through about half of the park.

Here's Big Girl checking out some of the animals.

Her favorite was the red-tailed hawk.

Speaking of...

Yeah, she wasn't too keen on the whole hat wearing thing.

These beauties swam right up to where we were. I think they knew I was taking their picture. In some scientific circles, this species is known as the White-Feathered Diva Swan. Did I mention the park was free?

This chicken took off when he saw us coming.

He must have an aversion to giant flowers that are part human.


  1. So cute! Looks like you guys had a fun filled day! :)

    Thanks for the comments! Those pancakes made almost made us late for church but I WAS DETERMINED! ha! I still need to get your recipe for the 3 ingrediant appetizer bacon snacky cracker thing.... hmmmm... I used more words to describe it than it will take you to tell me what was in it!!! ha ha!

  2. aww! Too cute! I love the flower pic! How fun!