Monday, April 6, 2009

her little pony

Last week Reesie had another "first".

Ta da! Can you tell what it is?

This angle should help. (I'll give you a's on top of her head.)

It's her first pony tail! Ever since she started ripping bows off her head, I've had a bout of hair-doing depression. Last week, I realized how long one patch of hair had become, so I got a little ambitious.

Granted, the only hair band I had was an actual rubber band from the desk drawer. This little pony tail was a coiffure catalyst, opening my eyes to all the styling potential out there, yet to be discovered with my blow dryer and bottle of hair spray.

A day later, and one pack of hair ties richer, one pony tail turned to two!

We're still perfecting our technique. The stylist needs to master a straighter part, and the muse needs to grow some more hair.

But we're satisfied with our progress thus far.


  1. I am still laughing about Mrs. Cheryl saying all the kids in the nursery would touch her pig tails as they passed by.

  2. Too cute...I love them:)

  3. oh my gosh! I used to do THE SAME THING to my Sydney's hair! Treasure the days while you can. She'd die before she let me do piggies these days and she's only 6. :))

    btw - You're spotlight is up on my blog! Thanks for playing along. I swear you are the most adorable thing ever. :)