Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a mechanic I am not

Today I pulled out of our driveway to meet the staff for lunch. Something didn't feel right about the car, but I backed it up into the street anyway hoping that once we got going, it'd work itself out. Brilliant theory.

Once in the street, I put the car into drive and gunned the engine. We didn't move. I turned off the ignition and switched it back on thinking I hadn't turned the key all the way before I had reversed. I stepped on the pedal again, and the engine roared but we didn't move an inch.

I did what I normally do when faced with car trouble.

Dialed Danny's number.

As it rang, I remembered the night before, my He-Man Husband had changed one of the rear tires. Honest to goodness, the idea flashed through my head that he must have put the tire on backwards, because it's the rear tires that make the car go, and if one of the rear tires was working as equally hard to go in reverse as the other was turning forwards, that would explain why we were at a standstill even while I was gunning the engine. Yes, that must be what had happened.


"Hi Dan."

"What's up?"



"I'm stuck in the middle of the street and the car won't GO!"

"Is the car on?"

"Yes, and I've been gunning it and gunning it and we're STAYING IN THE SAME SPOT!"

"Rach, the emergency brake is on. Just reach down and release it."

Sheepishly, "Oh. Ok, we're going now."

I'm so thankful I didn't have to tell him about my backwards tire theory.

And even more thankful he promised to stay married to me for better or worse.


  1. oh i love this story. we are too much alike!

  2. haha! how do these boys put up with us? :)

  3. OK, I just laughed out loud!!! It was great seeing you tonight.