Tuesday, April 28, 2009

party pics

Long time no see bloggers! I've been offline wrapping up Birthday Week. And what a week it was! When the viral infection hit last Sunday, I had doubt about attending/surviving all the festivities. Thursday I'd scheduled the Chica's first professional photo shoot. (Danny totally makes fun of me for saying "photo shoot.") Thank goodness by Wednesday, Reesie had turned a corner and was feeling much better.

When I wasn't drugging up the baby, I was running around like a mommy maniac finalizing the party particulars. Fortunately back up was on the way. Aunt Debs to the rescue! Auntie Michelle, Grandpa Ken, Grandad and Grammy thought they were coming as guests, but I put them to work too.

I knew every last minute trip to Target was worth it when I saw the Birthday Girl's face at her party. She may only be one year old, but Girlfriend had a great time.

Here's a shot of her party outfit.

At the entrance, I displayed a collage of her monthly lamb pictures. I made it on Shutterfly, and was so pleased with how it turned out.

Many lovely guests came to celebrate with us. Doesn't this baby have the best hair you've ever seen?

If our party had a theme it would be "Eat and Hang Out." Our guests did some of each.

Here's one of the food tables.

Of course, what's a party without some games? When you're playing with babies, the picking's pretty slim. Enter inflatable donkey. Not only did he have multiple tails velcroed to his behind, he was carried around, slobbered on and ridden. What can I say? He's a crowd pleaser.

This sweet baby out-pinned the competition.

The Birthday Girl with her proud Mama, just before we sang.

This baby had so much fun, she drifted off right there in her sling.

Everything I had to get done throughout the week was a great distraction. I really didn't have time to be sad. Friday night, when I was putting her to bed, the reality of it hit all at once and the tears started falling. Rarely does she fall asleep in my arms before I lay her in her bed, but that was the case Friday night. I took advantage of the unique opportunity and held her a little longer. Rocking to she sound of her steady breathing. Lingering in her last few moments as a zero year old. Telling God if I could give Him a holy high five for getting me through this first year, I would.

I couldn't help but flashback to the hospital room one year ago. Until then I was clueless of how sore my body and full my heart could be.

Physically I'm feeling much better than I did April 25, 2008. But my heart, it throbs ever more of a mother's love.


Happy Birthday Reese!

I pray someday you'll have
a best friend at your side,
a husband who treasures you
and a calling that stirs passion in your heart.

But most of all, I pray you'll know a God
Who is
your best friend,
your treasure,
your passion.

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