Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a year in video

I finished Reesie's video! A couple of things to note:

*It takes a little while to buffer. The entire thing is about 10 minutes but if you're a fan of the Chica, the wait is totally worth it!
*My head is so huge, I can't believe I fit in the door of the hospital. Looking back I think I all of my pregnancy weight went directly to my face. The one good thing about my head being the size of a large watermelon is that the shame keeps me from bawling through the entire movie.
*When did I get a southern drawl?!
*The quality isn't so great online. :( If you'd like to purchase a DVD of Reesie's first movie in Hi-def, it's gonna cost you. Please send a $1200 check written out to Dan and Rach's Hawaii fund along with a self-addressed stamp envelope.

(And if you close your eyes for the first ten seconds or so, I promise you won't miss anything!)

(Except a head that could have headlined its own show on TLC.)

reesie's one (better) from Rachel Hinton on Vimeo.


  1. that is just [recious rach...a tear broke free when i watched it.

  2. Rach!! She is growing so fast I want to go cry... and thats for the moms to do!! Well love you Reese

    love Gandolf