Thursday, April 9, 2009

it's so warm under all these lights!

Holla bloggas!
(I am so with it. You know I must work with youth since I'm so up on all the lingo.)

My name is Rachel and I've been married to a youth pastor for almost three years. Which means we're well past the point where we think we have marriage totally figured out (you know, like those first ten days) and have progressed on into the stage where we've acknowledged how much work it takes to honor God and each other. The cool part about coming to that realization is you start to understand how it's worth every effort.

We have one baby girl who is a few weeks shy of her first birthday. Excuse me for a minute while I go blubber in the corner. Her name is Reese, but on our little blog she goes by Reesie, Reester, Baby Girl, Big Girl, and The Chica. All the aliases are necessary because she is the most frequent subject on The Hinton Home blog.

Right after Danny and I got hitched, we hitched up a U-Haul and moved several states away from all our family. We never thought we'd be raising our first child so far away from the land of her forefathers, but we praise God for the Internet. It's the easiest way for Reesie's long distance fans to get up to date information on all the earth shattering, life altering announcements concerning our daughter.

Our regular readers (hi mom!) are probably wondering, "What's with all the introductions?" Well, today our little blog is in the spotlight over at the Preacher's Wife place.

So if you're visiting for the first time, welcome! Make yourself at home.

Did you go to Living Proof in Nashville? So did I!

Want to see the only two recipes I've ever posted? Here ya go!

Want to stare at some awesome fish? Gawk away!

In conclusion, I want to give Lisa a big "woo-hoo!" I love her blog. If you're married to someone in ministry, her site's an incredible source of encouragement and community. Thanks for the shout out Lisa!


  1. Hi Rachel! Nice to meet you! from one PW to another - hang in there! It's a busy season. I don't know about you, but this holy week has been crazy around here! Another blog I really enjoy is The Simple Wife She always has great ideas on how to be a fun pastor's family!!!

  2. Thanks for playing along in the spotlight Rachel! I loved reading through all your links... I'm still sick over having to miss the LPM Ministry Wife conference. Would have loved to hug your sweet neck!

  3. Super fun blog. I understand your issues with the picture thing. I am expecting my third and traditionally they have the least pictures, but since I discovered the DSLR a year ago, its going to work the opposite in our family. Click away!

    Nice to meet you!