Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one year stats

Monday Reesie went to the doctor for her one year check up. First they pricked her finger to test her iron level. Big Girl didn't even flinch when the nurse poked her with the needle! Immediately I texted Dan to inform him of his beast of a daughter.

The nurse wrapped a cute little band-aid on her finger. I couldn't wait to come home and take a picture of it to put on the blog. Alas, the band-aid never made it to the car. Big Girl chewed it off while we were waiting for the doctor. Is that too gross to share? Sorry. Big Girl promptly removed her band-aid while we were waiting for the doctor.

I texted that to Dan too and truly, I'm not sure what made him prouder. The fact his daughter took a needle like a champ or that she gnawed off her own bandage.

I did learn that Reese is weighs twenty pounds and is _______ inches long. Those measurements place her in the 55% for weight and 50% for height.

I decided to google how much The Chica would weigh on all the planets in our solar system, just in case space travel becomes the next big tourist attraction. You can never be too prepared to planet hop.

Right now Reesie would weigh 3.2 pounds on the moon. (I am aware that the moon isn't technically a planet, but it's the most feasible of destinations considering we wouldn't immediately burn up in its atmosphere.)

She'd weigh 541.4 pounds on the sun. I wouldn't be caught dead there.

Here's the rest of the measurements:
7.4 pounds on Mercury.
18 pounds on Venus.
7.4 pounds on Mars.
47 pounds on Jupiter. (Wild space ships couldn't drag me there.)
18.2 pounds on Saturn.
17.6 pounds on Uranus.
22.4 pounds on Neptune.
1.2 pounds on Pluto.

I'm thinking Pluto's our best bet. Considering its popularity is down because it lost its Planet-ship status, the lines wouldn't be horrendous. Plus carrying around a one pound baby would be a wonderful break for these tired arms.

So, how much do you weigh on Pluto? Click here to find out.

Reesie always loves it when I dedicate a post to her weight.

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  1. I just love her face in that picture. It is honestly one of my favorite pictures of her.