Wednesday, March 11, 2009

picture day

Yesterday was picture day at Reese's school. When I went to pick her up, her teacher said she did a great job with the photographer. Believe it or not, thanks to her slightly neurotic mother, girlfriend's had her picture taken more than once. I'll have you know it's been almost a week since I've taken her picture. I attribute her posing precision either to her vast experience, or to her recent modeling withdrawal. But it was encouraging to hear, nonetheless.

Whenever picture day rolls around immediately I go home and proceed with my own photo session. It's an attempt to convince myself it's unnecessary to shell out big bucks for a professional picture of Reese when I have three thousand free pictures of her in the exact same outfit captured on the exact same day of her life.

(I'm thrilled with how our beautiful spring grass is coming along, don't you think it's just lovely?)

Here's hoping in her official school picture she gave the professional photographer a face just like this one...

...or ate all the scenery.

That way, I won't have to buy it! :)


  1. Well you do a great job at picture-taking so I'd say there's no need to buy the "professional" ones!

  2. these pictures are halarious. Reester's got so many faces and is always doing something to capture... wish i could come visit soon!!

  3. I agree with Britney. You have some great pictures of her. And I actually LOVE the one of her looking cross at the camera. It cracks me up.