Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tomorrow's a mystery

Early tomorrow morning 50 of us are hopping on the closest charter bus on its way out of town. Round and round we'll go, where we'll stop nobody knows! It's time for our annual Mystery Destination Trip. I still have some things to finish up at the church.

Before every trip I have to go to the bank and ask for hundreds of dollars in specific amounts of bills to give the kids for their meals. Just for kicks, when I do a bank run I glance around suspiciously before lowering my voice "I need X amount of unmarked five dollar bills." It makes me feel like Jack Bauer. Until I remember I'm not saving the country, just getting some cash for teenagers to spend at Burger King.

Oh, bloggers I should be packing.

I should be praying.

Would you pray too please?

I'd tell you where we're going but then *whispering* I'd have to kill you. :)

No, I trust you implicitly. But there are impressionable, trip-attending eyes out there (Hi Gandolf!!) and I can't risk it.

So long bloggers, I'll see you when we get back!

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