Saturday, March 28, 2009

safety schmafety

When people ask me what Big Girl is up to these days I reply as honestly as I can.


The child is a little whirling dervish of demolition. Where there is order, she overturns it. Literally. If you happen to leave a basket of clean, sorted laundry, you will return to a room scattered with socks. She is devoted to disarray.

After this eye-opening realization and finding her sorting through bottles under the kitchen sink, I made a trip to Target for some child locks. I came home and installed them on every cabinet within her reach.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I heard an all too familiar racket coming from the master bathroom.

And imagine my dismay when I entered the once child proofed master bathroom to find this.

That's signature Reesie. An exact replica from the days of pre-baby locks.

Here's the little perpetrator. Undeterred. Ever proud of herself for confronting and overcoming the child-lock challenge.

And here's her defeated opponent. You've failed me, worthless piece of over-priced plastic.

I still don't know how she removed it. She's either super conniving or freakishly strong.

I'm so mad I could spit. Or sue. Reckless endangerment of four year old cosmetics. Sounds like a valid argument to me!


  1. That is hilarious! Looks like she is standing up really well too. She is going to be walking before you know it. Imagine what all she will get into then. Oh, the adventures of Reese...

  2. Wow!! What a smart girl!! LOL.