Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Danny and I came home from our trip late Saturday night to find this all over our wall.

Reesie's Nana came to town to watch her while we were busy hanging out with these crazy kids.

Apparently, baby-sitting isn't the only thing Nana does. When you're hundreds of miles away she'll tag your house. She has no fear. Who knew Nana was such a thug? Did you notice how she totally used the gangsta spelling of "love"?

Here's the Homies' good-bye picture. This is Reesie's attempt at being as hard core as her Nana.

And don't even get me started on the secret gang sign. There's a reason this baby's hand is blurry. :)


  1. My goodness Rachel, what are you teaching the sweet little baby girl? Looks like they had a great time playing together! Looking forward to hearing about the youth trip.

  2. Were you guys at the CNN newsroom in Atlanta? My neice is a news-anchor woman there. I could have totally hooked you up.
    -Sarah S.